Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Knit Tie

Ties have become quite popular in the world of menswear. Gone are the days when ties are only for business formal. Now, a double windsor can be worn with a skinny tie, oxford, and jeans for a casual Friday look or a night out on the town. 

The knit tie, an iconic Ralph Lauren style, is a preppy way to bring modernity to wearing a tie. I am not a huge tie wearer, but recently tried a knit tie. I must say, I really liked the look. The style was narrow, making it modern, but the bright color and texted brought preppy aspect to my outfit when paired with a classic white oxford. 

I started with a navy pair of chinos and white oxford for a simple base, and added on the brighter yellow tie for a pop of color and contrast against the navy. Tucking your tie into pants is actually a preppy twist to try. I finished the outfit with an Hermes belt and colorful wrapped leather bracelets by Ralph Lauren. 

Have you tried wearing ties in a more modern, casual way? Share your styling tips!


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