Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion Friday: An Updated Approach to the Scarf

When one thinks of a scarf, the first thing that may come to mind are things such as cold weather, snow, wool- all things associated with winter. However, the scarf as taken on the ability to have a much more modern styling than the traditional knit scarf we all wore as children. 
Most specifically, I am loving the look of lighter weight, printed, silk scarves worn with blazers for men. This look adds a European feeling to one's look, and also brings some interest to a classic blazer. Choose a patterned option from designers such as Hermes, Gucci, or Etro and you will be sure to be catching eyes.

Source: via Carlo on Pinterest


  1. ironically, i only get to wear scarves indoors when the office AC is going nuts, though i like scarves.

  2. I like. I have a basket full of unworn scarves it isnt cool enough here yet.

  3. I won a silk printed Oscar de la Renta scarf from a giveaway and am still waiting on it. I hope it comes! Especially after reading this post.

  4. I always feel weird wearing scarves myself, but I love the look of these!

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