Monday, July 25, 2011

Day of Departure

You might remember when I shared that I would be meeting the West Coast....well that day has arrived! :) Im on my way to the airport and heading to the other side of this little country.

I pray, pray, pray for an on time flight, non-annoying people sitting next to me, maybe an upgrade? (pretty please), and enjoyable travel over all. Being the clothes whore I am, I somehow managed to fit my packing into a carry on....i know you probably don't believe me right? Maybe the $50 for checking bags was motivation to squeeze it into that 22 inch suitcase?


I might create a post or two and schedule them while I'm gone so this doesn't become completely dead for a week, again. I feel like I have been leaving this blog postless quite frequently this summer, sorry!


  1. safe travels!!! sending POSITIVE travel vibes your way (if they even exist...)

  2. Have so much fun!! I adore visiting the West Coast. Like you though, I'm an East Coaster for sure :) Can't wait to hear about your trip.

    About this carry on bag nonsense. Whatever are you going to do with all of the prizes you purchase in LA?


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