Monday, February 14, 2011

By Invitation Only

You may remember my post about Fashion Week. Well, I returned to my computer friday night to find very exciting news....i was going to a show at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week!!! It was one of those times were you reread it because you think it cannot actually say that.

We got awesome seats in the American Express Sky Box for the Custo Barcelona was completely packed. This tickets granted us access into the invitation only entrance which had a large area  to mingle filled with a bunch of complimentary things. (Ive never seen so many louboutins in one place) The show was actually overbooked. Ive wanted to go to a show forever and it finally happened!

so much press at the end of the runway



  1. LUCKY YOU!!! Fun stuff.
    So you inspired me.. i'm now hosting MY very first blog giveaway. OK I FIB, i was already planning on it. But still, Good stuff! WOOT WOOT


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