Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clicquot in the Snow

There has been so much snow in the northeast its actually getting quite ridiculous. I think all of us up here have entered this weird state of mind where we are still shocked that we get at least 2-4 inches every 2-3 days but at the same time expect this uninvited party guest by this point. This past weekend was quite more, picking up 20 inches where I was. 

Fortunately I was able to escape the slushy, unable to walk around, city and get into the suburbs and buckle down for this big winter storm. With so much snow, I have learned to just embrace it and go with it because we will not be seeing a blade of grass any time soon. 

With Valentine's Day right after the big storm, what better way to celebrate than with a little champagne of course? Well we took advantage of the feet of snow on the ground, a warm fire, pretended we were in Aspen perhaps, and made the best of it. I cannot complain about a little (or a magnum) of Clicquot in the snow!

How did you celebrate?

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