Friday, April 13, 2012

Tom Ford's List

Let's be honest: Tom Ford is a genius. If you dont think so Im not sure what planet you are living on. In the 15th anniversary edition of Vogue UK, Ford put together a list he entitled "15 Things Every Man Should Have"

What was on the list?
A sense of humor
A daily read of the newspaper
A sport to love
A good cologne that becomes your signature
A dark suit
Classic black lace up shoes
A smart blazer
Dark denim
Crisp white shirts
Always new socks and underwear 
A classic tuxedo
A day watch with a medal band
Perfect sunglasses
Perfect teeth.

In regards to the last one, Ford says "if you dont have them, save up so you can fix them."

Tom Ford's Essentials for Every Man

$223 -

Cartier lacquer jewelry
$5,400 -

Tom ford sunglasses
$452 -

Thom Browne Flannel Two-Piece Suit
$2,220 -

Armani Collezioni Two-Button Blazer
$1,895 -

John Lobb Becketts Classic Oxford Shoes
£1,104 -

$121 -

You can see the article on Vogue UK's website with a photo gallery here


  1. I love how you based the look on the list. Great job! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. i think this list is going to magically appear in my husband's email box!

  3. Tom Ford really is amazing! Love this visual of the list!

  4. i love tom ford. can you please sit my boy down and give him a talk the next time you're home?? he needs your guidance!!

  5. This is such a great list! Absolute perfection. :)


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