Thursday, September 11, 2014

Interview with Criquet Shirt Founders

It is always great to discover new brands and support small companies. Criquet Shirts is a company founded in Austin, TX that crafts golf shirts from organic fabrics. The inspiration is rooted to their all-boys school days in New York City where they were forced to wear collared shirts. On the quest to make the perfect, sustainable polo, Criquet Shirts was born by Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown.

I was able to ask the founders a few questions about their start and inspiration:

LTPG: Could you talk more about your coming together to form the brand? While architecture and creativity were 2 different interests, was business a common interest? 

 Criquet Shirts: Our biggest common interest has always been a similar taste and respect for classic style. We knew since a young age that we wanted to start a business together but needed to find that perfect venture. In the end, it was really our complimentary skill sets that made it work. I had business school and previous start-up experience, while Billy was trained in a design as an architect.

 LTPG: Is your preppy style influenced by your experience in Prep School in NYC or were there other factors, such as favorite vacation spots? 

 Criquet Shirts: We have both been greatly influenced by our fathers, dapper men that have always known how to dress up or down without effort. Our Dads spent most of their adult lives in suits, but on weekends, could look just as put together in their vintage Lactoses and short shorts. Our experience at Hotchkiss, which also happened to be both our fathers; alma mater, fine tuned this classic look, which we have carried on and reinterpreted throughout various stages in our lives.

 LTPG: What was your biggest motivating factor for sourcing organic cotton for use in your products? 

Criquet Shirts: We chose to use organic cotton in our products for several reasons, not least of all a desire to do things the right way. Organic cotton not only feels better and wears better, but is safer for the environment and people who work the fields. We look up to brands like Patagonia that have made it a mission to live by these standards. We ultimately hope to create a brand that could be considered Patagonia’s brother— the brother that prefers the golf course to the highest peaks and the bar stool to the bivouac.

 LTPG: Who is the quintessential “Criquet Shirt” man? 

 Criquet Shirts: The Criquet man is a man of style and substance, a man who walks 36 and operates on global time. He takes care of business. He is no stranger to high ideals and is ready for anything, from snakes and calamities to Kardashians. The Criquet man spends his days on the green, more for the camaraderie than competition. He mixes up mean cocktails with the grace of a wizened saloon owner and knocks back beers with heroic gusto. He appreciates the good things in life, especially a fine shirt. Simply put, the Criquet man gives a damn.

I was truly impressed with the quality of the fabrication of the shirts. The cotton is super soft and feels great against the skin. Additionally, the attention to detail was great from the stitching along the pocket and placket to the collar stays under the collar....truly a great golf shirt! The whimsical touches like the drink recommendation for sustainable living on the tag was a great addition as well.

Shop the full assortment of products at Criquet Shirts

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It might still be summer by the books (until September 22) but a lot of us are getting anxious for fall and making the transition from summer wardrobing to fall wardrobing. With the weather still feeling quite like summer, it can be hard to make the transition.

Transitioning into fall can be easy by incorporating some fall patterns or colors while still utilizing summer staples. I paired this madras sport coat by Ralph Lauren with kelly green summer weight chinos. To add a little more of a transitional feel, I paired the look with a navy polo versus a summer white or brighter, orange polo for example.

Look is still bright and preppy, but screams neither summer nor fall. The look was easily accessorized with an equestrian inspired belt by Knot Belt Co and classic brown loafer.

How are you incorporating elements of fall wardrobing into your daily outfits?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Jack Spade Spring 2015 Presentation

Fashion week is underway in New York for spring collections. A favorite here at Life Through Preppy Glasses, Jack Spade, recently debuted their spring 2015 collection dubbed "urban utility."

This collection drawers inspiration from minimalist painter Josef Albers who was an expert in the way color and the use of color can lend itself to sophistication. Pattern and placement can create a whole that is greater than its part.

In addition, one can see the mix of sport and American sportswear. The streets of New York are filled with outfits that are centered around mixing street wear with work clothes, whether this be a blazer over a sweatshirt or paired with a track pant. This trend is continued in the Jack Spade spring 2015 collection, lending the name "urban utility."

Below are a selection of my favorite looks from the collection:

Photos: Jack Spade

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Last of Summer

I was introduced to the menswear accessory brand, Rail + River, recently. They do great ties and pocket squares in whimsical prints, great fabrics, and classic styles, all handmade right in New York City. Jon of Rail + River was nice enough to send me some great ties and a pocket square to experience the brand hands on.

While their website has the new fall collection available, my one tie had me reminiscing about the summer with its white stripes and light blue fabric. I had a revelation that our days of wearing white pants are numbered with Labor Day right around the corner. Thus, I made an outfit that is a final tribute to the summer and summer whites. It is anchored with preppy pastels and classics such as an oxford and lightweight chinos. 

This look is perfect for that last minute summer wedding or dinner party. I left the tie loose for a more casual look and to make the blazer less formal. I love the light pink and blue combination. What are you donning for your last summer hoorah? 

Checkout the Rail + River Blog for great menswear inspiration and more!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Garrett Leight California Optical Offers CYO

Sunglasses are one of my go-to accessories year round, whether its sunny and 80 degrees or sunny and 10 degrees. They add so much style to a look with minimal effort. Garrett Leight Optical California Optical has been crafting stylish, quality eyewear for quite some time. Their frames are simple and classic- I love the minimalistic designs to a lot of the pieces.

The company recently introduced what they are calling the "Mod Shop." The Mod Shop allows anyone to customize frames according to model, size, frame color, and lens color. Additionally, users can mattify any style, thus the options are virtually endless! The 3D rendering and 360 degree views create a refreshing online shopping experience.

Some of my favorite styles from GLOC are able to be modified, including the classic "Hampton Clip" which is iconic to the brand. This particular frame is perfect for that modern, preppy look. That being said, out with the standard and in with the custom!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Essential for Summer Nights

With Labor Day weekend impending, summer nights (and maybe some days) are becoming slightly cooler. I noticed this the other evening while enjoying a bonfire with friends. Out are the sticky July nights, and in are light knits perfect for these cool nights.

The rugby is a preppy staple that is iconic in the fall, however, a lightweight cotton option is perfect for transitional days and nights. To stay in the moment and not acknowledge the approaching end of summer, I selected an option with a nautical navy & white stripe that is slightly reminiscent of summer days passed. Pair with a sleek jean and accessorize with simple pieces like a classic belt and bracelet for an easy look that is perfect for a late summer's night bonfire or stroll on the boardwalk.

Rugby: Ralph Lauren Purple Label // Denim: Ralph Lauren Black Label // Bracelet: Miansai // Belt: Ralph Lauren

If a rugby is not your style, there are a lot of great options out that as we transition into the fall with cool nights. I also love the atlantic terry sweatshirts from Ralph Lauren- they are perfect after a long day on the beach and super comfortable. If you are going for something casual, the jersey hoodies from Lacoste are a great alternative.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Enjoying the Last of Summer

Summer always tends to go by more quickly than anticipated, however, this summer has seemed to go by exceptionally fast. It was just a bit ago that we were planning out white outfits, nautical looks, and beach trips for a fun filled summer, and now the calendar already reads August 7th. 

With free time at a premium because of work schedules, I am making the most of the last days of summer before we find ourselves bundling up in cable knit cashmere sweaters. With the perfect weather, I could not pass up an afternoon by the pool. I donned my Lilly swim trunks, grabbed a good towel, and an even better bottle of champagne. 

How are you soaking up the last rays of summer?

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